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I am working on an online/offline application and I have noticed this :

I fetch in my collection my offline retrieve from localStorage. (everytime a user log in online, I save him with addition datas retrieved from my server)

If the same user now try to log in offline, I check if this operator match any operators in my collection and if It match an entry, I return the operator match.

The problem is, the operator that I get from collection.get(#id) doesn't have any methods from the backbone operator model.

Before correcting my code was looking like this :

if( this.isLocalValidOperator( operator ) ){
  var operatorMatch = this.get(operator.get('id'));
  cb( operatorMatch );

My correction, now it work

if( this.isLocalValidOperator( operator ) ){
  var operatorMatch = this.get(operator.get('id'));
  // must add additional attributes from the match, then return the operator created with new Operator( someAttributes )
    isSuperadmin: operatorMatch.get('isSuperadmin'),
    isModerator: operatorMatch.get('isModerator'),
    firstname: operatorMatch.get('firstname'),
    lastname: operatorMatch.get('lastname')
  cb( operator );

What am I doing wrong ?

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Are operator and operatorMatch different objects? Why do you expect them to have the same attributes? – mu is too short May 22 '13 at 22:52
They are the same object. because operatorMatch is an entry of operatorCollection which is a operator collection ^^, – BigDong May 23 '13 at 9:49
No, b = collection.get(a.get('id')) only means that === Perhaps a function demo on or would help clarify things. – mu is too short May 23 '13 at 17:56
[// @Backbone doc // getcollection.get(id) : Get a model from a collection, specified by an id, a cid, or by passing in a model.] We need a jsfiddle example since this is pretty clear, getting a model from a collection will not restore model's methode. I'm wondering why and how to hack this. – BigDong May 29 '13 at 13:34

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If anyone else comes across this or similar issue of losing methods... I was losing methods when restoring from localStorage but the property data was still there. The problem was that in the collection I was missing the property:

model: ModelName

After I included that, methods remained intact on page reload.

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