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I've *.js.php-Files and would like to

  1. highlight the syntax as JavaScript
  2. supress warnings caused by lines like

    <?php if ($cond == true):?>alert("true!");<?php endif;?>

Does anybody know, how to tell Eclipse, it should handle *.js.php files not as *.php but as *.js?

Please don't talk about the pros and cons of mixing PHP and JS. It's just about the Eclipse issue.

Thanks in advance!

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Why don't you just make it a .js and set in your .htaccess that it should be parsed as PHP? –  Johan May 22 '13 at 14:27
@Johan Good advice but unfortunately not possible in this project. The files are already there and I'm the poor one who has to extend the code. –  Mr. B. May 22 '13 at 14:40

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I'm sorry, but this answer isn't a real answer:

You can add user defined file associations in

  • Window->Preferences
  • Options->Editors->File Associations

The problem is you can't add *.php and *.js.php there at the same time, because *.php includes *.js.php...

You can always add the JavaScript editor to the "*.php" to make it appear in the "Open With" menu, when you right click a file in the filelist.

For your second problem: I think the only way to fix this is by extends the JavaScript plugin. For example making a comment. But that's a more complex topic.

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I already know and tried the way you suggest. It doesn't work as I need. –  Mr. B. May 22 '13 at 16:41

I've had a similar problem in a different IDE,

<?php $this->headScript()->captureStart(); ?>

$(document).ready(function(){ ... });

<?php $this->headScript()->captureStart(); ?>

Obviously, no IDE will correctly highlight that javascript since there is no indication it should be javascript... so I did:

<?php $this->headScript()->captureStart(); ?>
// <script>

$(document).ready(function(){ ... });

<?php $this->headScript()->captureStart(); ?>

This tells the IDE it's javascript, and while it's included in the actual source, it's commented so won't break anything

Hope this helps

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Unfortunately, it's not the final solution but it highlights the code as JS - great idea, thanks a lot! –  Mr. B. May 23 '13 at 11:55

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