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In Oracle there is a view called role_tab_privs which details table privileges granted to roles. It has rows like this (not all columns displayed):

Table       Role        Privilege

table1      role1       SELECT
table1      role1       UPDATE
table2      role1       INSERT

I would like to be able to display this as a matrix, as follows:

Role: role1

Table     SELECT     INSERT      UPDATE     DELETE      ALTER      EXECUTE

table1     YES        YES         YES        NO          NO         NO
table2     YES         NO          NO        NO          NO         NO

I am not certain how to do this in sql.

A further complication is that role grants can be hierarchical, such that if ROLE B is granted to ROLE A, role B has all of ROLE A's privileges. In the context of the above report, to get a complete list one would have to recursively traverse the role hierarchy.

Thanks in advance

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hi ur answer goes here

FROM role_tab_privs
ORDER BY role;
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