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I've created a dictionary that takes the values of my struct and stores them. Filling this out looks as follows:

_screenEntry.type = typeof(string);
_screenEntry.value = tagTextBox.Text;
_screen.nodeDictionary.Add("Tag ", _screenEntry);

My struct looks like this for reference:

public struct Entry
    public Object value;
    public Type type;

How ever, I am now trying to amend that value that I first store. I've simply tried re-calling nodeDictionary.Add again hoping it would over write my previous entry. However, I get an error saying my dictionary already has a key called "Tag " which is self explanatory.

A quick google search lead me to find that if I wish to overwrite my initial value I simply need to call this line:

_screenTag = tagTextBox.Text;    
_screen.nodeDictionary["Tag "] = _screenTag;

But I get the following error:

Error 2 Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to 'InMoTool.Entry'

I don't really know how to convert this. Could someone possibly point to the way?

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_screen.nodeDictionary["Tag "].value = _screenTag;? Or create a new Entry and overwrite the value in your dictionary entirely. – Matt Burland May 22 '13 at 15:27

With this code

_screenTag = tagTextBox.Text; // <-- is a string   
_screen.nodeDictionary["Tag "] = _screenTag;

You are trying to assign a string to an Entry. That's impossible.

I think that what you need is something like this:

 _screenTag = tagTextBox.Text;    
 _screen.nodeDictionary["Tag "] = new Entry {
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