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I've tried to get a trace both ways. Using the DDMS button to start/stop the trace, and using the Debug.startMethodTracing() and Debug.stopMethodTracing() to create a file in the sdcard, pull the trace file to the PC file system and tried to open it from Eclipse; and then also using monitor.bat in the SDK tools directory.
All the tries yield the same result, see screenshot below.
I am using the emulator with an AVD android 4.0.3, tried several AVDs, same problem.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Android DDMS                        22.0.0.v201305140200--675183
Android Development Tools           22.0.0.v201305140200--675183
Android Hierarchy Viewer            22.0.0.v201305140200--675183
Android Native Development Tools    22.0.0.v201305140200--675183
Android Traceview                   22.0.0.v201305140200--675183
Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
Eclipse UI Juno SR1 Optimizations   4.2.1.v20121220-2014
Tracer for OpenGL ES                22.0.0.v201305140200--675183
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