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I have asked this question in a different way, before, and to no avail. My suspicion is that I may have wandered into an area for highly experienced folks. I will ask it more simply now.

What I am trying to do:

I am setting up a VPS on Linode.

I have installed the CentOS distro on the Linode, so that I can install WHM/Cpanel on it.

I want to configure the CentOS platform in a way that is secure, before I install cPanel/WHM.

My issue: there is no documentation on the web that explains a simple walkthrough to configure CentOS properly for WHM/CPanel installation.

The simple 3-step procedures I've seen appear to have no security whatsoever (they allow root login, infinite attempts to try different root passwords, etc). Does WHM take care of all of this? I somehow doubt that.

Any help on a simple method to configure CentOS for VPS WHM and Cpanel would be more appreciated than you can possibly imagine. BTW, don't even mention things like WebMin or other hopelessly ugly GUI's.

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The world of server coding is the least supported coding I've ever come accross. Not only does it yeild nonsensical answers, but the people in these forums would rather cast you out than help you. Try to learn how servers work in code, and you'll be met with the same conclusion. You know what the name "Apache" came from? A-patchy-server. Developed by hackers. Hacky. Ugly. Stupid. The entire Internet needs an overhaul from the ground up. Downvote me. Come on. I haven't met or heard of a smart server coder in my life. And I wont until we fix this. Servers are stone age machines. –  3Dom Jul 3 '13 at 12:04

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As simply install centos on your VPS, You are mainly focusing on security, then iptables will install on your vps when you will install centos. You can also configure tcp wrappers as per your requirements.

and cpanel have also security tools inbuild like CPHulk

and after install cpanel you can install csf and configure it with cpanel, it is very advanced firewall.

Make sure the root password should complicated avoid dictionary words.

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Thanks for your answer. This is the most helpful advice I've had so far. As for this being closed because "off-topic", I'm starting to question the community I've wandered into. –  3Dom May 23 '13 at 0:05
For anyone else who has wandered in here, hoping to find answers, go to "serverfault.com" rather. That is more geared for server topics. If only these dikheds had mentioned that, rather than demoting me, that would have actually been helpful. –  3Dom Nov 21 '13 at 14:44

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