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Based upon this tutorial, I am successfully running the following (simplified) example :

phantomjs highcharts-convert.js -infile options1.json -outfile chart1.png -width 300 -constr Chart

I can change the outputfile extension to .jpg or .pdf and get the expected output but when I change it to .svg the chart1.svg file that is successfully created is empty.

From highcharts-convert.js, here are the instructions which fails at writing that file :

fs = require('fs');
svgFile = fs.open(output, "w");

I checked console.log(svg) and svgis not empty, so the guilty one is svgFile.write(svg); but why?

I am running Mac OS X.

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This is bug in Highcharts, after writing to the stream, stream should be closed, so this should look this way:

                if (!runsAsServer) {
                    // write the file
                    svgFile = fs.open(output, "w");
                    svgFile.close(); //add this line
                } else {
                    // return the svg as a string

Reported: https://github.com/highslide-software/highcharts.com/issues/1869

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Thanks a lot Pawel! What is strange is (after that) I have compiled that code and it is running perfectly on Tomcat. –  Jérôme May 23 '13 at 21:58

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