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We are creating a web application. All of our development is done in the cloud. We don't have the ability to setup any internal servers. The coding is done on our local machines. We're looking for a PaaS that provides and integrates all the following:

  • version control
  • bug tracking. It should be integrated with the version control. That is, it should be able to track what changes went in for a bug fix
  • a wiki
  • have a separate test and production domain. Whenever developers push the code into the repository, they should first verify it works in a test domain with mimics the production domain, and then it should be pushed to the production domain

I see that github provides the first three. However, I am unable to find a fully integrated package. We are currently using Openshift. We have a development app and an app that runs Redmine, but it's not straightforward to integrate the two. The PaaS I've seen seem to be primarily a platform to run your code.

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Cloudbees: developer.cloudbees.com aims to be exactly this - this includes hosted git, svn (!) as well as the Jenkins "cloud" (DEV@cloud) and a paas you can deploy to (and other moving parts, add ons and such).

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Thanks. I had looked into Cloudbees before, but we ended up not going for it because what they provided for free was very little. Openshift was more generous, and we ended up going with it. We used Bitbucket for the wiki and bug tracker. We push to both Bitbucket and Openshift. –  user2233706 Jul 5 '13 at 3:42

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