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When i login to the cygwin terminal and type:

cd "cygdrive/c/existing/path"

it tells me, "no such file or directory". i am sure the path exists... do i miss a special cygwin package, or do i have a false configuration? i am puzzled...

It behaves the same when i try to call the cygwin bash from a windows batch file. what i basically want to do is creating a windows batch file which starts cygwin and executes a shell script with a specified working directory as its described in this blog post: http://blog.dotsmart.net/2011/01/27/executing-cygwin-bash-scripts-on-windows/

my batch file seems to work, it does the following command:

%_CYGBIN%\bash.exe --login "cd %_CYGPATH%" "./%_CYGSCRIPT%"

but cygwin won't execute the 'cd' command. The console output of my batch file is:

/usr/bin/bash: cd /cygdrive/c/existing/path: No such file or directory
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cd "cygdrive/c/existing/path"
      --- need forward slash (/) before the "c"
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oh my... i thought its something like that, thanks! :) –  thalm May 22 '13 at 18:08

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