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I am using TinyXML2 to load/edit/save xml settings.

I have found this works: (success == true)

tinyxml2::XMLDocument *printjobxml;
printjobxml = new tinyxml2::XMLDocument();
success = printjobxml->LoadFile("myxml.xml");

...and this doesn't: (success always == false)

tinyxml2::XMLDocument *printjobxml;
printjobxml = new tinyxml2::XMLDocument();
success = printjobxml->LoadFile("C:\\myxml.xml");

The only difference being the absolute path instead of relative.

What am I doing wrong?

Note: I am using tinyxml2 but don't have enough reputation to make that tag.

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XMLDocument::LoadFile() return XML_NO_ERROR (0) on success, so the second example is works fine, but the first is not. I bet the first LoadFile() call returns XML_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (3).

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That solved it - thank you! This is a difference from TinyXML 1 which meant the old examples confused me. Thanks :) –  James May 23 '13 at 8:29

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