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I Googled this issue for about 30 minutes and was surprised nobody has asked so maybe it's not possible.

I'm using this line to embed the SVG file that I made in AI (note that when I saved the SVG, I had no fill OR stroke on the paths):

<object type="image/svg+xml" data="example.svg" height=600px width=600px>Your browser does not support SVG</object>

This obviously comes up with no image because the SVG file has no fill or stroke. I tried adding in



but I'm not having any luck. Thanks!

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possible duplicate of How to apply a style to an embedded SVG? – Erik Dahlström May 23 '13 at 8:45

Have a nice trick: Embed it as <img> and use javascript to convert it into inline <svg> with this code (that came from SO I think). Now you can manipulate this SVG object


/* * Replace all SVG images with inline SVG */ jQuery('img.svg').each(function(){ var $img = jQuery(this); var imgID = $img.attr('id'); var imgClass = $img.attr('class'); var imgURL = $img.attr('src'); jQuery.get(imgURL, function(data) { // Get the SVG tag, ignore the rest var $svg = jQuery(data).find('svg'); // Add replaced image's ID to the new SVG if(typeof imgID !== 'undefined') { $svg = $svg.attr('id', imgID); } // Add replaced image's classes to the new SVG if(typeof imgClass !== 'undefined') { $svg = $svg.attr('class', imgClass+' replaced-svg'); } // Remove any invalid XML tags as per $svg = $svg.removeAttr('xmlns:a'); // Replace image with new SVG $img.replaceWith($svg); }); });
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Sidenote: SVG image can be manipulated when inserted as <object>, <embed> or <iframe>. Just that cross-origin resource sharing issue creeps up from time to time. – Alvin K. May 23 '13 at 18:27

Are you trying to add the fill or style on the object element? If so, that's not going to work. Those properties are not supported on the object element. You're going to have to add it into the SVG in the SVG file.

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