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I created a Component and in this component I try to redirect to a different controller/action, but I get the error: "Error: Call to undefined method SessionRestComponent::redirect()"

My Component code:

function iniciaSessao($username=''){
                 $_SESSION['username'] = $username;
                                //  debug(isset($_SESSION['username']));
                                if (isset($_SESSION['username'])) {
                                    $this->redirect(array('controller' => 'registos', 'action' => 'indexUser'));

Anyone can help me?

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You need to get the controller - for example in initialize() or startup() Then redirect using this controller.

public function startup(Controller $controller) {
    $this->Controller = $controller;

public function iniciaSessao() {

and do not use $_SESSION directly, use $this->Session component as documented. You just need to add the component to your custom component:

public $components = array('Session');
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thank you mark. but when you say '$this->Controller->redirect($url);'... i use $this->Users->redirect('index')? (for example) i'm sorry but i dont understand. –  Ana Maria Mendes May 22 '13 at 17:19
No i mean exactly what i wrote. literally. A component usually should not need to know the exact controller its working on. its the other way around. –  mark May 22 '13 at 17:25
but i dont understand how use the code. :/ i used this $this->Controller->redirect('UsersController/login'); and i have the same error. –  Ana Maria Mendes May 22 '13 at 17:30

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