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Is there a way to capture a command line argument and pass to a chef recipe? What I'm trying to do is to automate populating hostname to various places. One being in /etc/sysconfig/network DOMAIN field.

So if the command to start up a server is

knife ec2 server create -Z us-east-1c --image ami-fd375894 -E stage -d fedora17 -f c1.medium -i ~/.ssh/myKey -r "role[myserver]" -G myGroup -x ec2-user -T Name=myserverName -N myserverName.001 --ephemeral /dev/sdc=ephemeral0

I want to capture "myserverName" and pass that to various recipes which may need it to construct FQDN when bootstrapping.

This is not through JSON option, but straight from command line.

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No, you can't. JSON is the only way. –  Draco Ater May 23 '13 at 11:35

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use a recipe which sets the hostname for the machine based on Chef::Config[:node_name], since you set this value by the option --name on your command line.

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