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I'm looking for a way to open the panel (directory tree) of files / folders in Emacs on an OSX operating system and select any file from the list to be inserted at the cursor position in the current buffer. C-x i requires that I know the name of the exact name / path of the file, which means I have to first visit that file, open it up and run the determine path/file name function, then copy that path / filename and return to the original buffer and then run C-x i, delete the sample path that is there, and paste the correct path / filename and hit return. Alternatively, I'd have to use another program to get the filename / path and then do the same final steps.

I ending up writing my own plugin for Sublime Text 2 using the python open(self.template_path).read(), however, that took a couple of days for me to figure out. Does anyone know of defun example that will open the panel (of folders / files) to insert a file at the cursor position, or perhaps something similar to the python example that can be modified to insert a file by opening the panel?


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C-x i has filename completion. Which means you can use the exact same keystrokes to insert a file as to visit it with C-x C-f. No need to visit it first. –  Tyler May 22 '13 at 20:40
I'm looking for an open-panel option, please, that displays a directory of all folders / files anywhere on the computer. Once the directory tree of folders / files is open, the user can navigate with the arrow keys to select the file. Emacs built from source --with-ns on OSX has the ability to open and save files by navigating the directory tree of folders / files. I'd like to create the equivalent for insert file -- I have way too many folders and files to try to guess the name or use auto-complete. –  lawlist May 22 '13 at 20:47

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Do you mean something like

(defun insert-file-from-osx-panel ()
  (let ((file-name (ns-read-file-name "Select File to Insert" nil t)))
    (and file-name (insert-file file-name))))


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YES!!!!! PERFECT! Thank you so very very much! –  lawlist May 23 '13 at 5:09

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