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I am writing a method that can take the Target and paste the cell exactly to another cell. The cell is a shipping label with some fancy formating. Is there a way I can do it?

Originally I have this:

Worksheets("Label").Range("A1").Value = Worksheets("Get Address").Range("A28").Value

It worked for the plain text. However I lost the styling I created, they are different because after the first line, the style is different...

enter image description here

I also tried to use Marco recorder and I got a solution using .Select, and I read this qustion not to use it whenever possible. What can I do?

' Created by the Marco Recorder..
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Your code can be re-writtenn in a single line Range("A33").Copy Sheets("Label").Range("A1") –  Santosh May 22 '13 at 18:19
+1 for the awesome address example –  Issun May 23 '13 at 3:40
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Worksheets("Get Address").Range("A33").Copy _
       Destination := Worksheets("Label").Range("A1")
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