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I've this class that extends Controller_Template.

<?php defined('SYSPATH') or die('No direct script access.');

    abstract class Controller_Common extends Controller_Template {

        public $template = 'main';

        public function before()
            View::set_global('title', 'Мій сайт');              
            View::set_global('description', 'Сайт');
            $this->template->content = '';
            $this->template->styles = array('style');
            $this->template->scripts = '';

    } // End Common

In controller class I want to redirect to another action.

<?php defined('SYSPATH') or die('No direct script access.');

class Controller_User extends Controller_Common {
    public function action_info()
        $this->template->content = View::factory('user/info')
            ->bind('user', $user);

        // Load the user information
        $user = Auth::instance()->get_user();

        // if a user is not logged in, redirect to login page
        if (!$user)
    public function action_login() 

        if (HTTP_Request::POST == $this->request->method()) 
            // Attempt to login user
            $remember = array_key_exists('remember', $this->request->post()) ? (bool) $this->request->post('remember') : FALSE;
            $username = $this->request->post('username');
            $password = $this->request->post('password');
            $user = Auth::instance()->login($username, $password, true);

            $logged = Auth::instance()->logged_in('login');

            // If successful, redirect user
                $message = 'Login failed';
        }catch(Exception $e)
        $this->template->content = View::factory('user/login')
            ->bind('message', $message);

    public function action_logout() 
        /*// Log user out

        // Redirect to login page


I use this code in action_login


But redirection doesn't work. How to fix this problem? I use Kohana 3.3.0 version

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Request class has no redirect method. See userguide:

HTTP::redirect('user/login', 302);


self::redirect('user/login', 302);

PS. Controller::redirect() is a static method, so userguide example seems to be incorrect.

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Remove try..catch from action_login, http::redirect use exceptions for redirect, HTTP::Redirect.

P.S. You can use $this or self for redirect, $this vs self

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