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We have pages that´re using simplified Chinese (GB2312) in the HTML form. When we submit the form with 3 Chinese characters in a text field, we receive 6 others characters (that aren't in Chinese) in the server (Weblogic 12). Then we save these 6 characters in the database, and when get it back to the screen the Chinese character is back. Work´s fine!

But, when we receive the 6 characters (that aren't Chinese) in the server, we would need to call a web service that only receive UTF-8 characters.How can I convert the original 3 Chinese (GB2312, that´re in the HTML page) characters in UTF-8?

I don´t know if the characters will be show in the forum, but I´ll try:

In the HTML form: 陈玉珍

Received in the Weblogic server: ³ÂÓñÕä

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