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I have a Rails script that I run on both OS X Lion and Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 (wheezy). It's down to a simple script:

#!/usr/bin/env /opt/thermyos.com/server/script/rails runner
ENV.each do |k, v|
  puts "#{k} = #{v}"

The issue is the /usr/bin/env. This script as shown will not run on Debian, producing the error /usr/bin/env: /opt/thermyos.com/server/script/rails runner: No such file or directory. On OS X it works fine, writing the Rails environment. But if I remove the /usr/bin/env so the shebang is #!/opt/thermyos.com/server/script/rails runner then it works fine on Debian but not on OS X (Rails is not loaded and so every line fails). It doesn't matter where I launch the script from or whether I use a relative or absolute path. The printed environments are nearly identical. Why the failure on Debian, as it's exactly the shebang output by just running rails runner? FWIW, /opt/thermyos.com/ is exported from Debian and NFS-mounted on OS X.

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First, does env live in a different path on your Debian box? which env will tell you.

Secondly, I'm somewhat confused. It sounds like you're mounting a file server on both your OS X and your Debian machine, and trying to run the Ruby executable on that server in both environments. Pretty sure that will not work - you need Ruby complied for your Debian/Linux system and another Ruby compiled for your OS X system.

Maybe I'm misreading, but thought I'd point that out.

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Thank you for the response. I verified that env is in /usr/bin on both platforms. There's no file server. The /opt/thermyos.com/ directory is exported from Debian and mounted on OS X and each platform uses rvm to manage its native Rails. The executables live in different locations, but I expect env to provide the appropriate paths. I appreciate whatever you can point out to look for, as I've got nothing. –  RussK May 23 '13 at 13:53

This is happening because the shebang operation on Linux doesn't split arguments.

As a result, env is looking for a file with spaces in the name i.e. trying to execute /opt/thermyos.com/server/script/rails runner with no arguments.

On OS X, the situation differs. The shebang in OS X does split arguments and therefore env executes the file at /opt/thermyos.com/server/script/rails with the argument runner.

One workaround is to use a wrapper script e.g. the form

exec /path/to/script/rails runner /path/to/your_script.rb

should work on either OS. (whether the paths are hard-coded, computed, relative, or locally configured depends on your circumstances)

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