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I want add text in a div element that already has a text. I used .append() but this will put the text after the text that already is inside. I want to append the text before the text that already is inside. =)

But how?

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Use .prepend to add before the existing content.

.prepend( content [, content ] ) - Insert content, specified by the parameter, to the beginning of each element in the set of matched elements.

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It's almost toooo easy. –  Yatrix May 22 '13 at 18:45

You are looking at prepend()


$('selectorContainer').prepend('Text to appear first or element selector or element itself inside the selectorContainer');

See Doc

Test Fiddle

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If the element contains only text, get the text from the element, concatenate it with your text, and put it back. Example:

$('#me').text('Prefix' + $('#me').text());

If you want to add it as an element, use the prepend method:

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