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I have generated six standard normal variable using following code in R

     for(i in 1:6){
     assign(paste("x", i, sep = ""), rnorm(1000,0,1)))

when i enter x1, x2, ... x6 etc at command prompt I got the values.

I require to save these variables as matrix.

Please help me.

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You missed matrix

for(i in 1:6){
  assign(paste("x", i, sep = ""), matrix(rnorm(1000,0,1), ncol=10))

see ?matrix for further details. I don't know the dimension of the matrix you want to get, I used a 100 x 10 to illustrate the code.

With your current code, you are assigning 1000 random values from a standard normal distribution to each vector x1, x2, ..., x6, you need to add matrix and specify either the number of columns or rows for the desired matrix.

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Thanks for your help and guidance all – May 25 '13 at 8:44
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