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Calculating weighted averages is easy in kdb thanks to the wavg function. How can I calculate the delay between two consecutive row times and use those values as the weightings parameter to wavg?

Something like:

`date`ts xasc select date,ts,mytw:(next ts - ts) wavg mycolumnval from pmd where date=2013.05.22

'next' gives the following row column in the query, but I can't figure how to subtract the two ts values and use them in wavg.

UPDATE The solution was to use parenthesis: ((next ts) - ts). Note that I can't use deltas[ts]. This would produce different weights:

08:15:19.811    00:00:00.000
08:15:19.811    00:00:00.001
08:15:19.812    00:00:00.014
08:15:19.826    00:00:07.305
08:15:27.131    NULL

This is deltas[ts]:

08:15:19.811    08:15:19.811
08:15:19.811    00:00:00.000
08:15:19.812    00:00:00.001
08:15:19.826    00:00:00.014
08:15:27.131    00:00:07.305
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can you give an example of the output you expect? Also in your calc, (next ts - ts) will evaluate right to left, so it will just be next on a list of zeros. You should use deltas instead here. –  user1895961 May 22 '13 at 19:30

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How about:

`date`ts xasc select date,ts,mytw:deltas[ts] wavg mycolumnval from pmd where date=2013.05.22
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There is a problem with this query: the weights are set as (ts - prev ts). I'm updating my question... –  Robert Kubrick May 23 '13 at 12:32
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Needed parenthesis around 'next ts':

`date`ts xasc select date,ts,mytw:((next ts) - ts) wavg mycolumnval from pmd where date=2013.05.22
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Shouldn't it be: datets xasc select date,ts,mytw: (1 _ deltas ts, 0Nv) wavg mycolumnval from pmd where date=2013.05.22. Use 0Np if your ts is datetime

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I'm pretty sure your version doesn't work, I have my queries using the backtick and they work fine. Now if somebody would care to explain the difference (if there is any reason)... –  Robert Kubrick May 23 '13 at 11:53
thanks for pointing that out. the reason is exactly what you have figured out already (next - ts) vs (ts - prev) –  Naveen Sharma May 23 '13 at 14:12

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