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I have just started out with testing some php mvc framework

In it, it has this function that throws an error. The cachedirectory is set to /tmp/cache from the config file

additional: The php is hosted on an IIS server.

Can someone help me out to get this working somehow?

This is the function within the class

function setCacheDir($cacheDir = null)
    	if( is_null( $cacheDir ) )
    		$config = config::getInstance();
    		$cacheDir = $config->config_values['template']['cache_dir'];

    	if (is_dir($cacheDir) && is_writable($cacheDir))
    		$config = config::getInstance();
    		$this->cache_dir = $cacheDir;

    		throw new Exception("De cache directory '$cacheDir' either does not exist, or is unwriteble");

thanks, Richard

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It might be helpful to know what exactly is not working... – Franz Nov 3 '09 at 20:40
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Why don't you set the cache directory to something a little more Windows-y, like c:\temp (and make sure that folder exists).

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thanks both, I think that worked I see a whole lot off other errors, but not this one now – Richard Nov 3 '09 at 21:28

Some PHP frameworks work best (or better) in a LAMP stack, the first letter (L) being Linux. If the documentation of your framework advises a LAMP stack, I'd go with that.

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I'm guessing "/tmp/cache" doesn't exist and isn't writable, so in the configuration file, set cache_dir to a directory that is.

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