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What is the proper way of finding the one User matching username?

With user-defined type User:

case class User (userId: String, username: String)

object User extends Table[User]("user") {
  def userId = column[String]("userId", O.PrimaryKey)
  def username = column[String]("username")
  def * = userId ~ authId ~ username <>(User.apply _, User.unapply _)

  Database.forDataSource(DB.getDataSource()) withSession {
    implicit session: Session =>

    val q = for { u <- User if u.username.equalsIgnoreCase(someUsername) }
      yield u

user.username is of type Column[String] which has no conversion to String.

What is desired is to have the Database do the string-insensitive comparison as part of the query.

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I had a similar situation and solved it by using toLowerCase extension method:

p <- u.party if p.loginName.toLowerCase === partyName.toLowerCase

You can find here more extension methods, especially String ones.

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Interestingly, I was trying to do something similar and equalise strings using the .capitalize method under Slick, however that didn't work as it only capitalised my partyName string, not the p.loginName one. .toLowerCase seems to do the trick though! –  dbau Sep 14 '13 at 9:47

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