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I've successfully implemented a "created" time stamp using the UMFAQ (pronounced um-fack), but I can't get the "updated" timestamp working (which the UMFAQ alludes to but does not provide a code sample for).

Here's my code:

    insert: function (userId, doc) {
        doc.created = new Date(); // timestamp
        return false;
    update: function (userId, doc, fieldNames, modifier) {
        doc.updated = new Date(); // timestamp
        return false;

When I insert an object into the collection via the Chrome console, I get a "created" timestamp. However, when I update that record (using $set) I don't get an "updated" field.

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You need to alter the modifier for an update :

    update: function (userId, doc, fieldNames, modifier) {
        if(modifier.$set) {
            modifier.$set.updated = new Date();
        return false;

The check to see if $set is there is to prevent an error in case the client were to send an update up without using $set.

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Thanks two times! –  kcharvey May 23 '13 at 13:22

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