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I have a web REST API for a mobile application which supports classic signup/signin with user/password and token authentication.

Since the signup is without email confirmation how could I implement a safe signup/signin/connect with facebook service?

My first approach: I get from mobile application facebook_id, facebook_email, facebook_name:

  • search user by facebook, if exists perfect return that user, else create a new user with these params

  • issue: I assume that a facebook_id can be easily found out by any other application.. so nothing is stopping me for assuming I'm someone else and login with his facebook_id

  • possible solution: Get the access_token also from the mobile application and check on server side that the access_token is the correct one in relation with the facebook_email received

Another issue could be:

  • Person A is creating an classic account with personB@fake.com email
  • Person B, a week later, connects it's facebook account (with the same personB@fake.com email). The first idea would be to link the clasic account with this facebook account. But then the Person B would take over Person A's account.

Optional: Also what would is the best practice for token expiration on mobile applications. I've read something about 2 hours, but still facebook application is still logged after half of year I think.

For assuring the security, let's assume I can get anything important (access_token, email, ...) from client side in my webservice: what is the best practice that could ensure best security in this case: even client-side rules: should there be 2 distinct services for Login and SignUp? Anyway, a quick guildeline/step-by-step flow would be perfect.

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I have the same problem. Did you find a solution? – Lee Feb 5 '15 at 7:09

Have you checked the Facebook Developer Login documentation? They cover login flow and generating user & app tokens (by calling the FB SDK for JavaScript (FB.GetAuthResponse), in which case the AuthResponse includes a userID parameter that you can map your app's id to). Token expiration is also handled by the FB SDK. Android login flow looks fairly straightforward, and iOS login flow looks even simpler.

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It's not about how to use facebook API.. it's how to architect my web services to treat all the use-cases (mostly those listed in the question) – alex.dominte Jun 6 '13 at 8:58

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