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Since APIs like routeAndCall (Java-specific) have been deprecated in Play! 2.1, how do I pass the request to another controller in Scala?

Something like:

def this = Action { implicit request =>
  if(request.body) routeAndCall(controller.App.methodWithPostBody)
  else Ok("hello")


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The routeAndCall method's deprecation annotatation hints to use the route method instead:

@deprecated("Use route instead.", "2.1.0")
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thanks for posting it. i forgot to add my answer after i browsed the source code ;) –  crockpotveggies May 22 '13 at 22:53

What is your use case? Can you use client side redirect? This method is deprecated for reason: if the application is performing redirection on server side, then client side will not aware of the redirection.

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did to include a controller that's included with a plugin. we're checking to ensure that the request is made on the correct domain, and if it is then we pass the request to the specific plugin controller. looks like the method was simply refactored because of Play 2.1's new dynamic routing –  crockpotveggies May 25 '13 at 0:41

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