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I am sending an AJAX request with jQuery using this code:

url: url + "MemberIds/" + $("#username").val(),
dataType: "json",
crossDomain: true,
success: function( jsonObj ) {
        console.log( jsonObj );


This works fine. But if I add headers to the request, it fails:

url: url + "Members/" + $.session.get("userid") + "/ProjectSpaces",
dataType: "json",
crossDomain: true,

    "x-proom-credentials": $.session.get("authheader")
success: function(jsonObj) {

The preflight returns with 200 OK:

Response Headers
    Access-Control-Allow-Headers:x-proom-credentials, accept, origin

But the actual request shows up as cancelled.

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are you running this locally? –  moderndegree Jun 20 '13 at 14:47

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You must be running it locally

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