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how do i go about doing it?

there is one solution that i thought would work.. my theme allows me to turn of responsive design.. i copied the whole theme folder and renamed it to theme-mobile.. so now i have 2 exact same themes but with different names..i go in theme settings and turn of responsive design on one of the themes.. then i tried to use this plugin to switch theme when someone is using mobile device

but the problem is even if i have two themes they share the settings..if i turn off responsiveness on one theme..the other one gets turned off too.. any help would be really appreciated..

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i am also looking for a solution to a similar problem - ive tried a theme switcher that will alternate the theme ( via user agent or feature detection? i'm not certain which it actually uses )... google hasn't turned up much specifically relating to the subject. / i have a general idea on how to duplicate the wordpress instance under a subdomain (eg - then using .htaccess reroute users to and from the sites. but there are flaws in this plan. love to hear anyone else's take on this – Joe Nov 6 '13 at 22:26

Here is a plugin that will get you half way there.

It does everything in the front end so you can do it all with css.

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There is a javascript fix using JQuery.

here is some pseudo code

LINK.onclick .find "<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">" .replace ""

essentially you javascript will listen for the event of a mouse click on your view desktop link it will search the DOM for some html that should be something like which is what make the site responsive on a mobile (you would still need the stylesheets) upon finding that bit of html it would replace it with a blank string so the site is no long mobile responsive. (it would still appear responsive in desktop browsers as you scale them)

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