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After rendering the entire page based on several user contexts and having made several $http requests, I want the user to be able to switch contexts and re-render everything again (resending all $http requests, etc). If I just redirect the user somewhere else, things work properly:

$scope.on_impersonate_success = function(response) {
  //$window.location.reload(); // This cancels any current request
  $location.path('/'); // This works as expected, if path != current_path

$scope.impersonate = function(username) {
  return auth.impersonate(username)
    .then($scope.on_impersonate_success, $scope.on_auth_failed);

If I use $window.location.reload(), then some of the $http requests on auth.impersonate(username) that are waiting for a response get cancelled, so I can't use that. Also, the hack $location.path($location.path()) doesn't work either (nothing happens).

Is there another way to re-render the page without manually issuing all requests again?

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For the record, to force angular to re-render the current page, you can use:


According to AngularJS documentation:

Causes $route service to reload the current route even if $location hasn't changed.

As a result of that, ngView creates new scope, reinstantiates the controller.

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Thanks for the comment, for some reason I seem to get slightly different behavior when I use $route.reload() compared to a normal refresh. For example a tab is set to show initially on refresh, but when the reload method seems to reload the page without setting the tab, not sure what the problem is. –  Doug Molineux May 28 at 15:36
is it possible to reload a specific controller that's not on the actual view or state? –  mautrok May 30 at 10:12

For reloading the page for a given route path :-

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Don't know why but the .reload() method seems not working here. It doesn't realod anything. –  mircobabini Jul 12 at 11:09

Well maybe you forgot to add "$route" when declaring the dependencies of your Controller:

app.controller('NameCtrl', ['$scope','$route', function($scope,$route) {   
   // $route.reload(); Then this should work fine.
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