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HI, I have only seen documentation where you can put a combobox in an EditorGrid, but i am just looking for a simple solution, where my grid has a one column that is a comboBox, with basically a Yes/No option. I just want to be able to access the Yes/No value when i dblclick a particular grid row. can this be done without using a EditorGrid Panel?. if so, can point me to an example ? that would be greatly appreciated.


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You should be able to do this with some effort -- I don't have any code off hand for you, but plugging into the grid should be possible. I would suggest that if you need a boolean value, you should go with a checkbox instead of a combo. It's lighter weight and simpler to implement as a plugin to the grid. See the last example on this page to see if that's something that might work for you.

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