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I have built a prototype using the hot towel template which works find in most browsers but displays nothing when viewed in IE8 document mode (Using the IE 9 Developer tools). The same thing happens if for the code camper sample app.

My assumption is that its a HTML 5 issue so I have tried the following.

  1. Added the html5shiv and es5-shim nuget packages.

  2. Create a new bundle for the scripts in Bundle config.cs ie

    new ScriptBundle("~/scripts/compat") .Include("~/scripts/es5-shim.js") .Include("~/scripts/html5shiv.js") );

  3. Add the new bundle to the index.cshtml view

    @using System.Web @using System.Web.Optimization Hot Towel SPA

    <script type="text/javascript">
        if (navigator.userAgent.match(/IEMobile\/10\.0/)) {
            var msViewportStyle = document.createElement("style");
            var mq = "@@-ms-viewport{width:auto!important}";

But the problem remains. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue or am I missing something else.

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1 Answer 1

Just add the es5 Shim and Sham libraries to the vendor bundle before he Breeze entry.

          new ScriptBundle("~/scripts/vendor")
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