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I want to append an anchor with the same class as an existing anchor, and then target the appended anchor using .click(). My current code works perfectly with the existing anchor, but it does not work with the appended anchor, even though both have the same class. How can I target the appended anchor?

Check out this JS fiddle example for a better idea of what I mean.


<a href="#" class="append">Append.</a>

<div class="div1">
    <a href="#" class="link">Link.</a>


  $('.div1').append('<a href="#" class="link">Appended link</a>');

  alert("The link was clicked.");
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You'll need delegated event handlers for that :

$('.append').on('click', function(e){
    var anchor = $('<a />', {href: '#', 'class': 'link', text: 'Appended link'});

$('.div1').on('click', 'a.link', function(e){
     alert("The link was clicked.");


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