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How can I merge two column in ONE column if the given column (year_id) has no value (null)

table 1

id    txt      year_id      date
1     text1      1
2     text2      2
3     text3      3
4     text4               2013-01-02
5     text5               2013-01-03

table 2

id    year     
1     2009     
2     2010      
3     2011     
4     2012

I need a result like this

id    txt      merge_column   
1     text1      2009
2     text2      2010
3     text3      2011
4     text4   2013-01-02
5     text5   2013-01-03

thank you in advance, this query complicates my mind.. thank you

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JOIN both table first the use COALESCE() or IFNULL().

        COALESCE(b.year, merge_column
FROM    table1 a
        LEFT JOIN table2 b
            ON a.year_id =
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Nice this is awesome! this is what I wanted to see in my query... suberb!! – Markie Mark May 23 '13 at 2:40
SELECT, txt, IFNULL(date, year) merge_column
FROM table1 t1
LEFT JOIN table2 t2 ON t1.year_id =
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You are going to need to convert the values to a common type. I think string is the most likely.

select, t1.txt,
       coalesce(date_format(, '%y-%m-%d'), cast(t2.year as varchar(32))
from table1 t1 left join
     table2 t2
     on t1.year_id =
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