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Im making an aplication for image filtering and Im sucesfully using the CImg.h library to help with the task, but as you might know the fft isn't for any image and I need to activate the use of the fftw3 library to overcome this. And I dont have any clues on how to do that (I'm super new with Qt), if it helps somehow to the explanation I was able to do that on ZinjaI but for this new aplication I had to move to Qt to get a more friendly GUI. Im using Qt 5.0.2 (32 bits) / Qt creator 2.7.0 on windows with minGW. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read it and any help would be greatly appreciated. Extra: Not as important as the other but if I also can learn how to avoid having the cmd.exe windows poping in front of my GUI would be cool :) (I guess the CImg.h functions make it pop, but not sure)

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FFTW3 has nothing to do with Qt. Have you read the tutorial? fftw.org/fftw3_doc/Tutorial.html – cmannett85 May 23 '13 at 6:32
I use the Cimg.h library in my c code to do some image filtering tecniques, but CImg.h does only calculate fft for images on sizes of 2 (256,512,1024,...) then I have to configure CImg to calculate the fft (img of any size) with fftw3 which i was able to do in Zinja (saving the includes, lib and bin of fftw on the respective folders of the minGW zinjai was using and adding a line to the CImg.h) but giving my need of a GUI program i was trying to use the adventages of Qt in that regard but i wasn't able to configure Cimg to use the fftw on my Qt program (It's not like i did on zinjai) – LeandroStaFe May 25 '13 at 4:45

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