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Initially I was using Lucene 3.2 to get term and term frequency with code like this:

for(int docNum=0; docNum < ir.numDocs(); docNum++) {
TermFreqVector tfv = ir.getTermFreqVector(docNum, "TERJEMAHAN");
if (tfv == null) {
    // ignore empty fields
String terms[] = tfv.getTerms();
int termCount = terms.length;
int freqs[] = tfv.getTermFrequencies();

for(int t=0; t < termCount; t++) {
    int freqn = ir.docFreq(new Term("TERJEMAHAN", terms[t])); 

How to get term frequency of each document in Lucene 4.2?

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I managed to compute a term's frequency using these lines:

Term term = ...;
IndexReader reader = ...;

DocsEnum docEnum = MultiFields.getTermDocsEnum(reader, MultiFields.getLiveDocs(reader), "contents", term.bytes());
int termFreq = 0;

int doc = DocsEnum.NO_MORE_DOCS;
while ((doc = docEnum.nextDoc()) != DocsEnum.NO_MORE_DOCS) {
    termFreq += docEnum.freq();
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