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It seems that Google Docs doesn't offer the SUMIFS function. Instead, it was suggested to use a workaround combining SUM with FILTER

I'm trying to sum values filtering months in a specific year.

I've created a formula like this: =sum(FILTER(H:H,A:A>="01/02/2013",A:A<="28/02/2013")) but something must be wrong, I have an error message.

H = values A = dates

I made another test, creating two cells with the dates. E.g. cell L3 with the date 01/02/2013, and cell M3 with the date 28/02/2013

Formula used is: =sum(FILTER(H:H,A:A,">="&L3,"<="&M3)) - Didn't work as well.

Can anybody find what is wrong in it? (the DD/MM/YYYY is setted as correct = portuguese language - so it's not MM/DD/YYYY).


I've shared by link the Spreadsheet, only for view, if necessary.

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Please have a look at the solution a user from another forum have presented in his following blog post

yogi_MultiConditional Sum Involving Dates Entered As TEXT http://yogi--anand-consulting.blogspot.com/2013/05/yogimulticonditional-sum-involving.html

There are many ways to solve the problem. Thanks Yogi, thanks Stackoverflow. Problem solved.

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You could use two SUMIFS like this


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