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I'm trying to install bootstrap to my symfony2 project. I basically followed steps from this: http://bootstrap.braincrafted.com/getting-started

However, when I try to run my server using: php app\console server:run I got this error:

[InvalidArgumentException] the file "filters/assets.xml" does not exist (in: C:..\ProjectName\vendor\symfony\assetic-bundle\Symfony\Bundle\AsseticBundle\DependencyInjection/..Resources/config).

I already go to that folder and can't found that assets.xml file.

I'm pretty sure that there's something went wrong with my config.yml file. Here is the config of assetic

assetic: java: /usr/bin/java filters: cssembed: jar: %kernel.root_dir%/Resources/java/cssembed-0.4.5.jar yui_js: jar: %kernel.root_dir%/Resources/java/yuicompressor.jar lessphp: file: %kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/leafo/lessphp/lessc.inc.php apply_to: ".less$" assets: jquery_js: inputs: - '%kernel.root_dir%/app/Resources/public/js/vendor/jquery.js' filters: [?yui_js] bootstrap_js: inputs: - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-transition.js' - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-alert.js' - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-modal.js' - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-dropdown.js' - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-scrollspy.js' - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-tab.js' - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-tooltip.js' - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-popover.js' - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-button.js' - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-collapse.js' - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-carousel.js' - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-typeahead.js' - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/js/bootstrap-affix.js' filters: [?yui_js] bootstrap_less: inputs: - '%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/less/bootstrap.less' filters: [lessphp,cssembed]

Can anyone help me out?

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What OS are you using? Windows i suggest right? –  nifr May 23 '13 at 3:04
Yes, Windows. Could you take a look at my config.yml for assetic. I have no idea –  Mytic Moon May 23 '13 at 3:08
please see my answer. and please fix your config.yml in the question! –  nifr May 23 '13 at 3:12

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As i see you have configured lessphp as one of your assetic filters and not less ( as you are on windows and have not configured less properly ). Change config.yml this to actually use lessphp instead of the less command

# app/config/config.yml

    # ...
                - %kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/less/bootstrap.less
                - %kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/twitter/bootstrap/less/responsive.less
                - lessphp             # change this form less to lessphp

Furthermore there might be something wrong with your paths , looking at the error:


... should be a valid path like ...


... for symfony/php to actually be able find filters/assets.xml.

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I just went through this and found this bundle more helpful than trying to install it outright ...


It's documentation can be a little fuzzy, but overall it worked fairly well. I used it with SASS, but it has LESS and plain CSS options as well.

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