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I want to build a single-window application which has two tabs. How can I set two tabs on the window and click to switch, just like the browser's window and tabs ?

PS: The two tabs have different layout of buttons and text-widgets and functions differently.

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The QTabWidget class provides a stack of tabbed widgets.

A tab widget provides a tab bar (see QTabBar) and a "page area" that is used to display pages related to each tab. By default, the tab bar is shown above the page area, but different configurations are available (see TabPosition). Each tab is associated with a different widget (called a page). Only the current page is shown in the page area; all the other pages are hidden. The user can show a different page by clicking on its tab or by pressing its Alt+letter shortcut if it has one.

The normal way to use QTabWidget is to do the following:

  1. Create a QTabWidget.
  2. Create a QWidget for each of the pages in the tab dialog, but do not specify parent widgets for them.
  3. Insert child widgets into the page widget, using layouts to position them as normal.
  4. Call addTab() or insertTab() to put the page widgets into the tab widget, giving each tab a suitable label with an optional keyboard shortcut.

The position of the tabs is defined by tabPosition, their shape by tabShape.


And there is your answer.

EDIT: Link to an example, too.

Hope that helps.

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While links may theoretically point someone at an answer, it would be much better to summarize the linked information in your answer. If the links break, this answer loses all context. Please consider summarizing the important parts of the first link here. – Tim Post Jul 5 '13 at 3:38
Example link 404's at time of writing, just like Tim forewarned! – ZXcvbnM Jul 25 at 17:09
See updated answer. Qt did a major revamp of their documentation early this year, and pretty much every link disappeared. Qt's documentation is stellar and reading the up to date version of that is almost always the best way to learn. – phyatt Jul 27 at 16:16

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