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Dart supports interfacing with the native libraries (Ref: There are some decent libraries available for socket communication, interfacing with databases and dealing with filesystems. Barring desktop GUI applications, I don't see any reason why it cannot be used as a general purpose language. What are advantages/disadvantages of Dart being used as a general purpose language (including performance)?

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Yes. Dart can be used as a general purpose programming language.


  • It's fast, already faster than V8, and catching up to the JVM (Though it starts up much quicker).
  • It's great for scripting on macos/linux. You can prefix a source file with #!/usr/bin/env dart
  • Backed by a large team/company who are developing it in the open, along with an active community.
  • Good documentation and articles.


  • It's new. There are far more libraries available for Java, Python and node.js than for Dart.
  • There are likely to be changes to the core IO libraries before it hits 1.0.
  • No built-in support on cloud-hosting platforms, though there is a heroku buildpack.

Note you can build GUI applications using dart2js and chrome packaged apps.

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