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During QA process we usually need to describe a sequence of actions, that causes some bugs.

Usually the best way to do it is describe a situation by text messages. Sometimes screen-shots are helps. But i believe that video or slide-show should to help QA team and should to reduce time loss on QA-team - developers iterations.

Some time in our team(we have most of QA team in other city), we are use TeamView to describe significant situations. But it takes a lot of time to setup connection, and require to stop developer's work for show time. And if you have to show this bug to other developer, you should repeat this process again. Video cuts is good item for novice-developer, who can't to know new project fully. I think we can to find many pluses of this approach.

The minus of this approach is big size of describes.

Is there some tool, that allow to record an user screen actions into video or slide-show? Better if this tool will be free.

Good feature for this tool is "get slides of last 2 minutes". For example QA-engineer keeps it working in background, and try to do smth that cause a bug. QAE is believe that actions of last 1 minute cause a bug. If the tool will allow to save that 1 minute ago actions, it will be very useful.

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CamStasia or CamStudio typically does pretty good at this.

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In terms of slide-show display, qTrace automatically captures all users' actions then generates into report as Word, PDF or trace file. It's pretty well used for complex bugs found.

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I love screenr.com It is free, they don't have to install anything, and you can record up to 5 minutes.

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I'm looking at TestExplorer for this type of thing at the moment. It captures low framerate video based on time lapse and on keyboard triggers. so, for example, it captures a screenshot every 1/2 second, and also every time the user presses enter. You can then play back the video at whatever speed you want. The video looks like it skips a bit, but it creates videos with all the details you need, but keeps the file size really small.

It also captures a screen shot on every user action. So if I enter text in a field, it captures a a screenshot of that window as well as the video. You can then go back and add comments to screenshots or videos. And you can then export a report with puts all the screenshots and comments into a pdf document. So you can combine the video and the pdy to make really good bug reports.

It's not free, but not expensive either. You can download for a 30 day trial to see if it gives you what you want.

You can find it here: http://www.testexplorer.com/ And there are some demo videos here: http://www.testexplorer.com/demos.shtml

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