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If each of the Model, the view and the controller, can be referred to as objects, or components, or classes, what term would you use to refer to the 3 of them together? I think wouldn't be a package, because, a package can contain several of these, whacha-ma-call-its. So if I have: "person" which is made up of the classes: personM which is the Model personC Which is the Controller presonV which is the View What term do I use to describe the person MVC?

This crossed my mind recently and I can't think of what it would be, but it seems that there should be a way to refer to them.

Also would this term still cover the addition of a data-store, and template? or other extensions to the pattern?

(If a term isn't clearly defined, I would hope that this thread could be used to find/create one).

And Thanks in advance! (even if you've only considered the question)

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A down vote with no explanation, very helpful. I'm seeking edification. That is the point of stackoverflow, and although it may seem trivial to you, having a name for structure inside an application is vital to communication within a development team. But thanks for holding back progress. –  A Mind United May 23 '13 at 6:00

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There's no Person MVC or other object MVC. There is MVC which is an application structuring pattern. It's true that you can use a Person in the Model or you might have a PersonController and a View which will use a Person but this is only MVC applied. Don't overthink the patern too much, it's meant to separate concerns that's all.

You have 3 layers using a form of person (as each layer may use a different object that can be part of the Person concept) and not a Person concept using the 3 layers.

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