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Similar, but different to this question:

I use highlight occurrences a lot, but sometimes I'm irritated by how hard it is to see the little grey-ish rectangles on the rightmost side of the editor - to the right of the scrollbar.

Is there any way to change the color of these markers - looking in General -> Editors -> Text Editors -> Annotations gives me control over the colors of annotations, but it doesn't seem to work for find occurrences. Also, I can right click on the markers and it sends me to the same dialog, but the color still seems to do nothing.

Any ideas?

I'm using the Java editor.

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Ok, this can be closed. The color does work, I just had to open a new editor to have it take effect. – daveb Nov 3 '09 at 22:54
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It used to take a restart(!) for the color modification to change for certain editors! (as in 2006), due to a bug in Platform UI.
But for current edition (3.4.x, 3.5.1), the General->Editors->Text Editors->Annotations preference page (the Occurrences item) should be enough to change on the spot any color settings you want.
After that, it depends on the nature of the editor (PDT editors used to miss that feature, until bug 166178 was fixed)

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In Kepler 4.3 we can change the colour of occurrence as follow:

General -> Editors -> Text Editors -> Annotations -> Occurrences

enter image description here

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Ya it works but can you provide for neat beans...? – Jay Thakkar Jan 27 '14 at 11:02
It should be noted that as of 4.4, changing the color of occurrences still requires closing and reopening the editor. (By contrast, changing the color of write occurrences takes effect immediately.) – Kevin Krumwiede Jan 8 '15 at 20:14
I know this is an old question, but I found it while looking for an answer. Now, I've just found an easier way to change the colour that some people might find useful. Just right-click on the little colour rectangle and you get a context menu for Preferences, which takes you to the right place for changing the colour of that particular marker. – Klitos Kyriacou Feb 5 '15 at 11:49

A new feature of Juno (Eclipse 4.2) may also help here:

  • Go To General → Editors → Text Editors → Accessibility
  • Check Use saturated colors in overview ruler

Also see the what's new entry about this.

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Click Toggle Mark Occurrences icon:

enter image description here

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