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I would like to access my PostgreSQL 8.3 database with the name of an existing user but, when I try, I get a password authentication failure. I am able to access the database by creating a new Postgres user:

postgres createuser -P newusername

So I tried createuser with the existing user name but it said that that user already existed and wouldn't let me create it.

In pga_hba.conf, I have:

host   db_name   all  md5

and it doesn't complain about the connection - only the password authentication. Is there a way to remotely access the database using an existing user?

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try changing your pg_hba.conf to:

host db_name all password

Note usage of password instead of MD5.

Also, if you are trying to connect from the same machine the DB is hosted at, then on you command line try:

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Thanks. It didn't make a difference. I'm using the same method for the one that doesn't work as the one that works anyway. So I wouldn't expect md5 vs. password to make a difference. I'm connecting from a remote machine. –  Mitch Nov 3 '09 at 23:07

Doh. The problem was I was using the wrong password.

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