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I have a really stupid beginner jquery question, even if I saw a lot of similar question here:

From PHP with ajax I send this:

public function to_json() {
    return json_encode(array( 'test_id' => 'test_value' ));

In the jquery file's success part I put:

function(data) {

And it shows this in the alert window:


Which is fine, I guess, but if I change the function to this:

function(data) {

I got:


What am I missing?

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What am I missing?

To set the Content-Type HTTP response header to application/json in your PHP script:

header('Content-Type: application/json');

Or to set the dataType parameter to json on the client:

   url: '/foo.php',
   dataType: 'json',
   success: function(data) {

The first is preferred because this way your server side script properly indicates to the client the content type it is using. And jQuery is intelligent enough to use this reponse header and automatically parse the response from the server before feeding it to the success callback.

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Thank you very much, the second solution worked, somehow, the first one didn't. Should I put the header info into a special place? I put it into the very beginning of the function of the PHP file, the ajax calls. –  Balazs Sipos May 23 '13 at 7:14

You are missing to use the function parseJSON


That function converts the json string into a javascript object

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You need to parse it like this:

function(data) {
    var obj = $.parseJSON(data);
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