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I want to filter text from a XML file for the enduser between 2 wildcards (= and ,).

The XML file:

<OPTIONS Product="Testing" Version="1.1">
  <Domain Name="domain.local">
  <Domain Name="domain.local">

My Powershell code so far:

[xml]$optionsfile = Get-Content C:\test\options.xml

foreach( $ou in $optionsfile.Options.Domains.Domain )

Now I want to show only the text between the first "=" and first "," of the XML file . So the output will be:

Test1 Test2


I do not want to use

$ou.Path | select-string -pattern "Test1"

But filter the text between the 2 wildcards.

Thanks in advance!

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You can extract it with a regex. It looks for 'OU=' from the beginning of the string, then it puts everything that is not a comma in a capture group ($1), then it replaces the whole string with the captured text.

$ou.Path -replace '^OU=([^,]+).+$','$1'
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Thank you for the quick response & explanation! –  Mobb Deep May 23 '13 at 7:29

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