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im a bit stumpled with how you can pass a function (delegate) to a directive in AngularJS and use it in the link-function. Maybe I am totally off so any pointers on how you would do it is greatly appreciated.

I have the following controller

        myApp.controller("QuestionCtrl", function($scope, $http) {

           $scope.filter = function(query) {
            console.log("filter filter", query);

           $scope.replace = function(query, key) {
            console.log('replace replace');

This is the markup

<a class="Add Button" href="#" onsearch="filter(query)" onreplace="replace(hello, world)" showpane="#AddQuestionPane"><span>Ny fråga</span></a>

As you can see I've got 2 attributes that points to functions on my scope that I would like to use in my directive.

myApp.directive("searchreplace", function() {

        return {
            restrict: 'A',
            scope: {
                onsearch: "&",
                onreplace: "&"
            link: function(scope, element, attrs) {
                element.bind("dblclick", function() {
                    scope.editMode = !scope.editMode;

                    if (scope.editMode) {
                        var replaceBox = angular.element('<input type="text" class="Search" placeholder="Ersätt" />');
                        replaceBox.keyup(function() {
                            //How do I call onsearch? Yes it is the wrong method, just a test
                            scope.onsearch({ query: replaceBox.val() });
                    } else {

I cant for the life of me figure out how to call the method on the scope. I want to specify it in the markup. Is that possible?

Is there a better solution to use?

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As you can see I put the onsearch and onreplace methods on the wrong element, of course it dont work then. Stupid of me! After I moved the attributes to right element (the one with searchreplace on it) everything works.

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+1 for following up – Chris Foster Apr 30 '14 at 17:05

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