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Good morning,

I´m trying to combine regular expression with Spring data mongodb repository using Query annotation. What I want is search one substring inside one string attribute of my mongo document. I have been looking in google and here, but I did not find anything elegant, and I was wondering if Spring data has something official about this using the repositories.


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It seems like an old question, so maybe you've already had a solution but here how I handled the same issue :

@Query(value = "{'title': {$regex : ?0, $options: 'i'}}")
Foo findByTitleRegex(String regexString);

using the /?0/ notation won't work since Spring Data places a String value with quotes

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Use it like normal MongoDB regex query:

@Query("{ 'fieldName': /?0/ }")
Foo findMethod(String yourString);
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I tested the above example and it doesn't work with the slashes. –  Christopher Armstrong Jun 9 '13 at 11:28

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