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I know how to display all checked out files in TFS either by using "Find in Source Control" or using the tf status /user:* command from the vs command prompt.

How do I display the list grouped by user with the number of files they have checked out?

I want to send out a report scolding users that have somehow managed to checkout 200+ files...

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One way would be to copy the output generated by "Find in Source Control" and pasting it in an Excel spreadsheet ( Although there is no Copy option in the context menu, you can still copy the output by pressing Ctrl+A to select the entire output and then Ctri+ C to do the copy).

Once you have the output in the Excel spreadsheet, then you can use one of the solutions in the below link ( I haven't tried them out ) to count the number of files checked out per user:


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What is this "Find in Source Control" you speak of? I'm using VS2012. –  PeterX Apr 2 at 4:53

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