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Basically, I have a client that has his own hosting, but he decided to purchase a reseller account with Hostgator (cPanel/WHM). He has a website hosted on his side. Lets call this website question.com. So he intends to make a complete new website for question.com on the hostgator hosting side. The old question.com will be deleted afterwards, but he doesn't want to take the old site offline before the new one is completed. And he doesn't want to migrate the old site to the hostgator side.

So a new hosting package has been created for question.com on the hostgator side. And he wants to use test.question.com as a sub-domain for testing purposes.

So my questions are:

  • DNS changes needs to be made on my client's hosting side before I can use the sub-domain (test.question.com), right? Not on hostgator?

  • And what would I do to use new email accounts created on the
    hostgator side? Basically, I created an email account
    (info@question.com) on the hostgator side, but I can't use that email until my client changes DNS settings on his side, right? Or is there something that I can do from hostgator?


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Yes, that's right. For easier, you can ask your client to point their domain to HostGator name server. If they want to make sure that their site is working or not, they can edit the local HOSTS file to temporary visit it. If it is working fine, then they can change the name server.

If they dont change the name server, you cant use HostGator mail server. Hope it help. :)

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But once he points the name server to hostgator, the old question.com will not be visible, right? Since he doesn't want to migrate the old site to hostgator, and he wants to use the sub-domain for testing. Is it possible to leave question.com hosted on the clients side while I use the sub-domain on hostgator? Can any DNS modifications allow this? Something like: question.com goes to IP of client hosting. test.question.com would point to hostgator and for the email change the MX record to point to hostgator IP? –  Kakenx May 23 '13 at 8:33
Hmmm... If he doesnt want to point the name server to hostgator, then please go to DNS setting --> point the A record to HostGator IP address. Please make sure that you have created the subdomain on your old CP and HostGator CP –  Douglas Thomas May 23 '13 at 9:18
So in clients'CP, I would create the sub-domain first and then also change the A record of the sub-domain in the old server to point to hostgator's IP? Did I get that right? So is it also possible to change the mail record on the old server to point to hostgator? This way I can use the emails from hostgator without having the client completely move to hostgator. So client gets to keep old website on old server, but use email from new server. –  Kakenx May 23 '13 at 9:37
Yes, that's right and I believe it will solve your problem. :) –  Douglas Thomas May 23 '13 at 13:22
Thanks Douglas! You've been a great Help! I was just confused because my client also has web dev experience.But he assumed I didn't need to do anything on his old server side and that everything had to be done on the hostgator side to have things working. –  Kakenx May 23 '13 at 13:27

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