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I got simple JAX-RS resource and I'm using Apache CXF WebClient as a client. I'm using HTTP basic authentication. When it fails on server, typical 401 UNAUTHORIZED response is sent along with WWW-Authenticate header.

The strange behavior happens with WebClient when this (WWW-Auhenticate) header is received. The WebClient (internally) repeats the same request multiple times (20 times) and than fails.

WebClient webClient = WebClientFactory.newClient("http://myserver/auth");
try {
    // inside GET, 20 HTTP GET requests are invoked
} catch (ServerWebApplicationException ex) {
    // data are present when WWW-authenticate header is not sent from server
    // if header is present, unmarshalling fails
    AuthError err = ex.toErrorObject(webClient, AuthError.class);
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This has been fixed in the latest versions of CXF:


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Thanks a lot Daniel. I'm running on lastest TomEE that sadly has older versions... Hope that guys from TomEE will udpate libs soon (I cannot do so, because I only supply the WARs, not AS) –  d1x May 25 '13 at 21:07

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